Rome In Love

General Information

Title: Rome In Love
Author: Anita Hughes
Original language: English
Publication: 2015


Amelia is a newly discovered movie star, playing the title role in the remake of the beloved movie Roman Holiday. Amelia has everything that a girl could ever want: a gorgeous, rich fiancé who lives in San Francisco, a burgeoning acting career and more money than she can use. One evening, while Amelia is on location in Rome filming Roman Holiday, she decides to escape the media and slips out the back door of her fancy hotel, only to end up strolling the beautiful streets of Rome. There she meets Philip, a struggling journalist from New York who refuses to work for his father’s stock brokerage company. When things start to go sour for Amelia, she finds herself more and more drawn to the outdoors of Rome where Philip takes her dates across the city.


I was attracted to this book due to its premise and backdrop however, I was disappointed to discover that it lacked good writing. The book was boring to me, with all of its tedious descriptions of food and clothing. Page upon page, the descriptions took over the majority of the book. As a consequence of this, the plot was seriously lacking. Amelia’s late night escapades, interspersed with sessions of lounging in her lavish hotel room left little room for character development. The characters weren’t interesting in the slightest, and I felt nothing towards their struggles and misadventures.

I thought the book was pretentious and self-important with all of its designer names thrown in for good measure. The grammar in the book was appalling, full of run-on sentences, lack of punctuation and mistakes. The only French sentence there was in the book had a spelling mistake in it and to me, that is absolutely unacceptable. If the author wanted to include a few sentences in a foreign language, she should have researched it properly before publishing it.

In the end, Rome In Love was boring, pretentious and riddled with bad grammar. If these things don’t bother you too much, then by all means, try it out. For me, I couldn’t look past them and soon found myself hoping to reach the end.

Final verdict



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