The Piano Man Project

General Information

Title: The Piano Man Project
Author: Kat French
Original language: English
Publication: 2015


Honeysuckle “Honey” Jones has a problem: she’s been in many relationships, but none have succeeded and she finds herself alone and frustrated. Her two best friends, the sexually confident air hostess Tash, and the straight-laced married school teacher Nell, come up with a plan to find Honey a new man, a pianist to be exact. He has to be tall and sexy, and have magic fingers to fix Honey’s little “problem”.

In the meantime, a grumpy neighbour settles in the flat opposite from Honey, and has her heart racing faster than an F1 car. The only problem is, he’s constantly grouchy, rude, obnoxious and downright mean to Honey. And he’s not a pianist. He’s just a really, really hot blind chef. What is a girl supposed to do to get a decent date?


This book was funny and lighthearted, and all of its characters very endearing. Honey is a haphazard type of girl who rarely gets down and is always a ray of positivity for her friends, coworkers and neighbour. Honey is very selfless and wholeheartedly helps those in need around her, including Hal (her less than friendly flat mate). Hal, on the other hand, has had the world tuned against him. He used to be a hot-shot celebrity chef with a pretty fiancé, a house and fast cars. Now, having lost everything, he becomes a recluse, never leaving his apartment, and depends Honey’s goodwill to bring him food and company (although he doesn’t appreciate it).

Honey and Hal’s relationship was a wild roller coaster ride, mostly because of Hal’s mood swings and bad temper. All the while these two are trying to find common ground, Honey is sent by her friends on hilarious blind dates that only serve to bring Honey and Hal closer to each other.

The backdrop of the romance is a story about pensioners fighting for the right to keep their home. Honey is part of their plea and soon becomes the spokesperson for the home, appearing on TV and in the newspapers. The pensioners are endearing and I was moved by their story of survival.

Overall, The Piano Man Project was a quick read, funny, heart-warming and sexy throughout. I would recommend this book to any one who enjoys slice-of-life comedy and romance.

Final verdict



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