The Kiss of Deception (Remnant Chronicles #1)

General Information

Title: Kiss of Deception (The Remnant Chronicles #1 of 3)
Author: Mary E. Pearson
Original language: English


Princess Lia is set to marry a man from another kingdom whom she’s never met. On the morning of her wedding, she runs off  with her faithful handmaid and takes refuge in a small village far from her kingdom. The jilted prince refuses to accept this turn of event and quickly chases after her, determined to drag her back to the castle for their wedding. In the meantime, an assassin from another kingdom is also sent after Lia. The three find each other in a tavern and form alliances without truly knowing who they are and what their purposes are. Deceits, secrets and love encircle Lia, will she ever find freedom and peace of mind?


Oh boy… how can I remain polite while reviewing this book. It seemed promising based on the premise. A princess who escapes her fate and goes on a crazy adventure sounded pretty neat. Until I found out that her ‘crazy adventure’ consisted of washing clothes and making soup…. yeah.

This is one of those “why am I still reading this bullshit” kind of book. It’s beyond me why I decided to stick through with this, no matter how painful and full of mistakes it was. There was no character development, the main girl was a typical brainless moody teenager and the love interests were as dimwitted as the mud on their boots. The biggest issue I had with the book is that it took me 45 chapters to discern which of the two dudes was the prince and which one was the assassin. I’m not going to lie, for 45 chapters I thought that Rafe was the assassin and Kaden the prince… apparently I was wrong because ch45 finally puts a name to the descriptions. This book insulted my intelligence in every way possible. Never have I mistaken two characters for the better length of a novel. Clearly the author needs to work on better describing her protagonists or, even better yet, not swap their personalities midway and create unnecessary confusion.

This book has NOTHING to do with the fantasy genre. In fact, I think it’s insulting to real fantasy books to be grouped in the same category with this book. Our main girl, a princess escaping her fate of having to marry someone she knows nothing about, ends up working in a tavern, as a waitress… FOR THE WHOLE BOOK. Fantasy? Where? In between waiting on tables and hanging up clothes in the yard?!?

I seriously wish I could un-read this book.

Final verdict



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