Starry Night

Wren and her best friends, collectively known as the turtles, lead pretty typical teenage lives: going to school, gossiping, and meeting dark and handsome older boys at private galas in the MET.


The Bone Curse (Benjamin Oris #1)

Benjamin Oris is, despite all the odds stacked against him, a brilliant medical student. When his best friend Laurette offers him a trip to Paris, he couldn't have predicted the world of trouble that ensued.

Poison Study (Study #1)

Yelena is to be executed for murder but soon receives an offer she can't refuse. Become an official food taster and bodyguard to the Commander of Ixia, and risk her life every single day. The Commander's life is constantly in danger, and Yelena must fight rebels who seek to overthrow the government, all the while learning how to control her newfound magical powers. Can Yelena survive the harsh life from within the castle walls?