The Weight of Feathers

All of her life, Lace Paloma has been warned against approaching the Corbeau family: murderers, thieves and the devil incarnate. Cluck Corbeau has been taught the same: stay away from the Palomas and their strange dark magic.


Starry Night

Wren and her best friends, collectively known as the turtles, lead pretty typical teenage lives: going to school, gossiping, and meeting dark and handsome older boys at private galas in the MET.


Richard Walker, a detested father and ex-husband, passes away in his secluded country home, leaving everything to his embittered family. Minna, his daughter, Trenton, his son, and Carolina, his ex-wife, come together for the first time in years in order to deal with the estate. Little do they know, the halls of the house are inhabited by two ghosts who see and hear everything, and who are witnesses to the dysfunctional family's arguments.

Rome In Love

Amelia is a newly discovered movie star, playing the title role in the remake of the beloved movie Roman Holiday. Amelia has everything that a girl could ever want: a gorgeous, rich fiancé who lives in San Francisco, a burgeoning acting career and more money than she can use. One evening, while Amelia is on location in Rome filming Roman Holiday, she decides to escape the media and slips out the back door of her fancy hotel.

The Piano Man Project

Honeysuckle "Honey" Jones has a problem: she's been in many relationships, but none have succeeded and she finds herself alone and frustrated. Her two best friends, the sexually confident air hostess Tash, and the straight-laced married school teacher Nell, come up with a plan to find Honey a new man, a pianist to be exact. He has to be tall and sexy, and have magic fingers to fix Honey's little "problem".