The Crown’s Game (Crown’s Game #1)

On a remote island off the coast of Russia lives a special girl with magical powers; she is the only enchantress in the whole country. Training with her father day in and day out, Vika hones her skills for her future job.


What I Read: Jan ’18 Edition

A review of what I read in January, complete with stats to make it more colourful!

The Girl in the Tower (Winternight #2)

After the great battle between Vasya and the Bear, and her father's sacrifice to save her life, Vasya finds herself alone and unwanted in the world.


The Bear and the Nightingale (Winternight #1)

In a land where winter is unforgiving and harsh beyond imagination, household spirits and characters from the old fairy tales live and thrive.


Vassa In The Night

All is not well in the world, as manifested by a sudden prolongation of nighttime in Brooklyn.


Vasilisa The Beautiful: Russian Fairy Tales

A collection of 16 Russian fairy tales that feature beloved Russian folk characters. Originally published in 1966, this collection was reprinted in 2003 and is accompanied by beautiful illustrations.